GasAssure Version 1.7 – Smarter Planning for a Better Future


Stochastic Simulation has just released GasAssure Version 1.7 and it is ready for you to try. A lot of work has been done to bring you a variety of great functionalities resulting in the biggest release to date. Keep on reading to find out why everyday more people are making the change to the fastest growing IAM tool available in the market.


Ensure the Most Accurate Results Through History Matching

The new material balance analysis module allows users to perform history matching on the subsurface system to ensure realistic, accurate results even in the most complex of cases.

Material Balance Analysis Module


Gain True Insight into your Production System

GasAssure’s new dashboard functionality gives users a complete overview of the production system highlighting potential bottlenecks and improvement opportunities. Use the default packaged dashboards or create one that fits your application through the use of widgets.

New Dashboard Feature

Obtain Fast and Accurate Results for Complex Reservoirs

GasAssure version 1.7 now counts with the ability to link into ResAssure, Stochastic Simulations flagship reservoir simulator. Model reservoirs with any level of complexity and link them to GasAssure for a truly integrated modelling solution.

Model Reservoir Systems with any level of complexity

Gain Complete Control of your Simulations through Scripting

GasAssure’s new scripting language opens up the raw power of its core and creates endless possibilities for use. Create scripts to model automatic well recompletion, conditional market prioritization, or even run time plotting of simulation results.


Model The Most Complex Multiphase Systems

GasAssure now counts with improve flow assurance capabilities. Model water production issues or even systems with complex multiphase behaviours through the use of PVT databases.

Track and model fluids with any composition

Never Lose a Set of Results

View the status and access any of your previous results through GasAssure’s new server explorer. You will not lose a set of results ever again.

Access any previous result from the database

Eliminate Wasted Post-Processing Hours Through Tailored Reports

GasAssure’s new custom and quick report functions, allow users to create reports with any composition and structure, eliminating waisted time previously spent in data editing and post processing.

Create any type of reports

Download GasAssure 1.7 now.

For a full list of new features check out our GasAssure V1.7 Video.


Click below to register and get access to GasAssure, and discover why more people are changing to the fastest, most powerful IAM tool available today.


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GasAssure is a revolutionary tool with 20+ years of expert knowledge that facilitates key project decisions by providing fast and accurate hydrocarbon forecasts. It uses an integrated asset modelling approach to simulate entire production systems from reservoir to market in a matter of seconds. Its market driven core means that you will be able to accurately measure your ability to meet market specifications and their effect on field production.

Stochastic Simulation provides specialist solutions and services to the upstream oil and gas industry, with ResAssureGasAssure, FlowAssure and DrillAssure. To learn more about what complex problems Stochastic Simulation could solve for you, visit or contact us on +61 (0) 8 9446 2099.

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Andres Bracho
Having earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Western Australia and a Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from Curtin University, Andres joined Stochastic Simulation as a Petroleum Engineer. During his time at university he had the opportunity to work with Halliburton in Mexico and with Santos in South Australia experiencing a variety of technical and commercial projects.