SPE WA Geo-Mechanics Seminar: Efficient Well Planning & Pre-Drill Determination


Stochastic Simulation’s petroleum engineer & technical consultant, Shoaib Memon, attended the SPE Western Australia’s APOGCE 2016 Pre-Conference Event on ‘Geomechanics; Fundamentals, Applications and Advances’ on October 24th at the CSIRO auditorium.

He presented a talk and poster on ‘Efficient well planning using pre-drill determination of insitu stress states from interpreted reflection seismic; A North Sea field case study’.

Shoaib Memon, technical consultant & petroleum engineer at Stochastic Simulation presented a poster at the SPE WA Geomechanics seminar.

Here’s a summary of the day from Shoaib’s perspective:

The SPE WA Geomechanics seminar

I got a chance to attend the SPE Geomechanics seminar on Monday 24th, held at the CSIRO auditorium situated in Curtin’s Technology Park. Western Australia. It was a full day, educational event comprising of different technical talks varying from data requirements to develop 1D Geomechanic models and its applications to more advance 3D and 4D Geomechanics models.

The objective of this APOGCE pre-conference seminar was to increase the awareness of petroleum engineers and geoscientists on oil field Geomechanics fundamentals and its applications in petroleum exploration, development and production, and recent advances in Geomechanics technology with field examples from the Asia Pacific region. There were invited renowned experts from the industry, academia and research organizations with about 10 different 30-minutes technical presentations on a variety of topics from the basics and how to build a Geomechanical model, applications of Geomechanics in drilling, completion, stimulation, reservoir management and enhanced production and production induced changes in the stress field to Geomechanics in unconventionals; coal seam gas, gas storage and CO2 sequestration.

The seminar did have a poster session held during the Lunch break, and on behalf of Stochastic Simulation, I presented a North Sea Case Study on the use of DrillAssure. (Available for free download here).

Download the Full High-Res Poster here.

After Lunch, the focus was on advancement in the field of Geomechanics with the case studies on 3D and 4D Geomechanic models. They called the 4D Geomechanic models as the future of Oil industry and feels its going to get the same stature as dynamic simulation models do currently.

I did find the whole idea of 3D Geomechanics very interesting and strongly feel DrillAssure can contribute significantly in this field.

The main issue with current 3D Geomechanics models is; it requires a lot of input and is not possible to construct for green fields. This is where I feel Stochastic Simulation’s DrillAssure can help predict stresses at start in 3D from seismic on macro level, which can then be adjusted as more information is available and transformed into a high resolution 3D model during the time of field development. I did have a good chat about the whole idea with one of the experts  and he found it great  and agreed that Stochastic Simulation technology does have a place in 3D geomecahnic modelling and that it require more collaboration in future to improve the current process.

Overall, the seminar proved out to be a good knowledge sharing platform. In terms of Geomechanics model input, a lot of emphasis was put on the importance of current in-situ stress knowledge with one of the presenter clearly stating that how the change in stresses at different depths can impact on the required azimuth of a well. It was repeated multiple times during different presentations, that there is no technology at the moment to directly measure the magnitude of the maximum horizontal stress which left me wondering, why these people are so reluctant in trying out new technologies like SSL’s stress from interpreted seismic method specially when they do not have anything else to look forward to.

There was great interest in our DrillAssure Poster, and one question was asked whether it can help to design the optimum water injection levels for hydraulic fracturing. To which I said – it certainly can!

It was an educational event and I’m glad I went.

Shoaib Memon

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