Stochastic Simulation’s Tightly Coupled Reservoir-Surface Simulator


Does your field development strategy need a boost? Find out how you can achieve more favourable outcomes through a Subsurface/Surface Integration.

Although commercial Integrated Asset Modeling (IAM) tools model reservoirs as material balance tanks, it is not adequate enough for modeling complex reservoir behavior. A reservoir’s performance depends on the pressure and capacity constraints of the facilities and surface network configuration. Therefore, it is vital to develop a fully Integrated Gas Planning System coupled with a reservoir simulator for guiding Field Development Planning.

Our Senior Technical Consultant, Rubakumar Sankararaj, presented a technical paper recently on our innovative tightly coupled subsurface-surface solution at the 2016 APOGCE Conference in Perth.

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The presentation drew a big, curious crowd, with more people standing at the back of the room.

Technical Paper Details

Paper number: SPE-182273

Paper title: Integration of Subsurface and Surface Models to Evaluate Field Development Strategies for Three Australia Gas Fields.

Our Case Study:

Three Australian gas-condensate fields with product based markets were modeled as a part of this study. Two different cases were modeled and compared:

  • Running an IAM model with simple material balance tank model
  • Running an end-to-end integrated system by coupling reservoir-surface models.

SSL’s reservoir simulator, ResAssure, was utilized as the subsurface simulator which is capable of quantifying the full range of probable fluid in place outcomes and recovery estimates. The IAM tool used for modelling was SSL’s market driven GasAssure which is capable of meeting gas contracts as well as maximizing liquid petroleum products.

Our Solution:

What differentiates our coupled solution is the increased computing power of running both the simulators through the cloud server and efficiency to run memory intensive calculations. The subsurface and surface simulators are coupled via a Dynamically Linked Library (DLL). Solution originates from the surface simulator which communicates with the reservoir simulator to derive a solution. This approach avoids rigorous data handling and avoids the need for a controller to re-write restart files every time step. SSL’s tightly coupled solution integrates the detailed subsurface and surface models with a pressure flow model that ultimately couples with a market solution.

Our findings with the ResAssure-GasAssure coupled solution:

The use of an efficient, tightly coupled reservoir-IAM solution is critical when analyzing highly compartmentalized subsurface systems. The run time for material balance tank models may be quick, however this can only be justified when the subsurface formations are not complex. The material balance tank models are not adequate when dealing with uncertainty analysis of complex subsurface. Stochastic Simulation’s coupled solution is capable of applying probabilistic uncertainty analysis to both the subsurface and surface systems. This approach proves to be efficient in managing uncertainty in fields.



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